Challenges to “Building a Shared Future for All Life”

Image: Greater One-horned Rhinoceros with calf, Assam, 2021 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Ward’s Trogon, Mishmi Hills, 2015 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Royal Bengal Tiger, Pench NP, 2016 (courtesy: author)
Image: African Elephant, Pilanesberg National Park, 2019 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Giraffe, Bela Bela, 2019 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Allen’s Hummingbird, California, 2014 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Polar Bear, Churchill, 2015 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Grey Jay, Manitoba, 2015 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Beluga Whales, Hudson Bay, 2015 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Svalbard Reindeer, Longyearbyen, 2019 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Black Guillemot, High Arctic, 2019 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Walrus, Spitsbergen, 2019 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Chinstrap, Antarctica, 2013 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Gentoo, Antarctica, 2013 (Courtesy: Author)
Image: Southern Elephant Seal, Antarctica, 2013 (Courtesy: Author)



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Climate Reality India

Climate Reality India

The Climate Reality Project India, actively engages igniting the spark and spreading the message of #climatechange amongst educators and civil society.